The Wall – Manual

On Cyberforpeople, you can find one of the largest online conversation about Cybersecurity. It’s a free, first-person platform for sharing anecdots, stories, experiences, ideas, opinions, reflections, learning,  with readers from around the globe. This plateform is called : The Wall

The Wall welcomes new voices with something interesting to say. You or a friend, a member of your family, a colleague, or an acquaintance, has been hacked, bullied, scammed, watched ?
You have an anecdote to share with the Cyberforpeople community?
You want to add your voice to the conversation and contribute to raise the level of awareness and Highdentity of all?
Tell us in video about it in 2 minutes maximum by completing the form and ACT !  

To know before to send us a video

  • we need 2 minutes maximum, not more.
  • The video has to be in landscape mode.
  • You have to upload it on Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo or any platform of your choice and to write us the link to read and it.